Membership Points

Easy way of transaction with "JADECASH"


Easy Remittance without a bank account

Remittance can be easily completed without a bank account through JDC transmission, Where the value is pegged to Korean Won

  • No need to have a bank account.  
  • JDC Where the value is pegged to Korean Won
  • Various usage possible through the JADEBANK

Easy global money transfer

JADECASH is a blockchain-based logistics membership point (non-cash)  that can be trasmitted overseas with just one click.


  • Simple and fast overseas remittance
  • Global Logistics Membership Points 

Low Fee

JADECASH is a blockchain-based P2P transmission system with low domestic and overseas trasmission fee. (The initial fee can be high and the company will bear it.)


  • Low transmission fees both a home and abroad
  • Blockchain-based P2P transmission

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Top level Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with top level security and encryption systems

We have built a security system that is more secure than a bank with a blockchain-based transmission system. We plan to build a variety of services, starting with a remittance service based on blockchain.